Some can hate, but Beyonce is pop culture. So many popular shows have referenced her in some capacity.

This one though, has me in stitches!

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Sleep has not come easily to me these last two weeks. It takes a lot to fall and it is even harder to remain asleep. Terrible or crazy dreams wake me up.

My mind is racing. So much happening inside the think tank; personally, physically, and professionally. Not sure the exact way to make it all better, but I’ve tried my norms and all have failed. Not the sound of the waves, not singing at karaoke, not even running.

I’m stuck, and trying to wiggle out. I need my sleep. I need to for/to make things happen.

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I don’t want to feel the way I feel, but I do. How do I communicate it where it is heard? How do I communicate it without anger? I want my words received effortlessly, smoothly, and impactfully. I’m not saying this, but I’m not trying to say that either. Will my words be heard? Or taken for granted, again? I hold the power in my message, but the receiver holds the power in my impact.


Terror! I’m so nervous, but so proud I finally got that done. A very small step, but it leads to more challenges and accomplishments. Now I must work hard in preparation. Investing in me, my success, and my happiness. Wish me luck!


One bathroom. Four people. One female. Toilet seat is always up in the morning. Poor female. Trash cans full and stinky. Tub is filthy and has been backed up for a couple of weeks. Female cleans tub three times a week, yet there is a new ring daily. Female finally unclogs drain. Good, poor female.



A friend and I visited El Matador Beach yesterday, just north of Malibu. We had heard so much about it, we finally decided to check it out for ourselves.

It was beautiful. Waves crashing against rocks, alcoves to hide and play in, and just small enough to be intimate…except when it’s filled with families! It was so packed. Kids digging and building sand castles everywhere.

My friend and I found a small opening, near a small mountain of sand and a lot of shored kelp, and laid our stuff down to relax. We both smelled something foul, but neither said anything to each other. The wind blew a little too hard, and we both smelled it even worse than before.

We started looking around to see what it could be, but nothing immediately stood out as the cause. So we tried to ignore it, as the day grew hotter. Eventually it got so hot, that we decided to take a walk/break from the smell.

The rest of the beach was fresh and picturesque, with waves crashing left and right. People were taking senior class and quincenera photos at every turn. We reached the end of the beach, she took a few pics, and we decided to head back to our spot.

As we got closer, I noticed something different about the sand mountain near our stuff. The couple sitting on the other side of it were snapping photos and laughing. I looked as hard as I could without getting too close, and realized it was a flipper. Yipes!

Suddenly the small mountain seemed huge, and everyone saw the panic in our faces. A guy yelled, “it’s a dead seal. The kids found it.” Gasp!

That entire time we were sitting directly next to a dead seal! We couldn’t help but awe and laugh, as we moved our stuff to a new location. These two mothers flagged down a lifeguard, who told them he/they can only bury it in the sand. So the women told their oldest sons to cover it with more sand, and surround the mound in stones to make it more visible.

From that point on, we were responsible for alerting newcomers of the situation. Each responded, “I wondered what that smell was!” RIP Mr. Seal.


Eating my feelings. Wingstop, and caramel cookie crunch gelato. Stomach is huge and tight, but happy. Wish my heart and mind were too.


Two years ago, I believed again. A year ago, I felt so close to my dream, and couldn’t believe it was about to come true.

Today, right now, this moment in time, I’m moving further away from my dream. Somehow I’m moving backwards.

I have no idea what to do. But something has to give…change…happen. There is something I have to and must do.


One of my best friends found the engagement ring of her dreams with her boyfriend. They are both so excited about it. So now she has to wait for the surprise in when he’ll propose.

I’m happy for her. Her love story has been so up and down, but now it’s finally heading in the right direction. She deserves this love, to be loved, and I love seeing her so happy.

He’s honest and communicates with her, he loves her unconditionally, and knows how to handle and adores her crazy. It’s the sweetest thing ever. He’s the perfect combination of everything she’s ever wanted and needed in a guy, and he’s received thumbs up from her friends and family. And vice versa. I think he’s great, and receives my full approval.

Seems I’ll be now attending two weddings next year. Yay to happiness!


I’m usually on the road, and rarely get to spend time with some of my colleagues,who are also usually out in the field as well. This year, it’s a new crew, and they are reaching out a little more.

Finally able to hang out a couple of times, I’ve caught on to the subgroups within the staff. Had heard about them, but never actually saw or witnessed it. There are definitely the elite/VIP group, the most popular kids, the party goers, the athletes, and a few more. At the same time, when everyone comes together, it’s a dayum good time.